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  Avery Thermal Printer Drivers
  Avery Standard Drivers 4.6.69     7.1MB

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  Avery Thermal Printer Brochures  

AP.4 Gen II

RFID Brochure

AP 5.4

AP 7.t Discontinued


TTX 67x Discontinued

SNAP 500

TDI Discontinued

  SNAP 700    AP 2.4 Discontinued
  611       AP 3.4 Discontinued 

ALX 92x


Fax: 937-237-1595

  Avery Videos
 64-04 with label applicator
 64-04 with cutter/stacker
 Loading a ribbon onto the AP 5.4
 Loading labels onto the AP 5.4
 See the AP 5.4 in Action

Print Comparison: The Avery AP 5.4 vs Zebra™ 104XiIII using the exact same Zebra™ print driver and print conditions

 AP7.t with cutter/stacker
The Avery TDI Card Printer in Action
  Avery Slideshows
 Avery AP5.4 Slideshow  .pdf
 Avery TDI Slideshow  .pdf